Exam Name: Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 for App and Desktop Solutions
Exam Code: 1Y0-250
Certification Vendor: Citrix
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Free 1Y0-250 Exam Test Questions with Answers:
Q: 1
Scenario: An administrator manages a single NetScaler appliance. A Network IT Administrator has prohibited access to VLAN1 and is requesting that the NetScaler Administrator change the management IP address of the appliance.
Which IP address should the NetScaler Administrator change?
Answer: C
Q: 2
An administrator plans to configure single sign-on with smart card on NetScaler.
What should the administrator configure to use smart cards in the environment?
A. Smart Card middleware
B. Delegation on Active Directory
C. Secure LDAP on the Domain Controller
D. Web Interface on the Domain Controller
Answer: B
Q: 3
Scenario: Multiple virtual servers are configured in a NetScaler Gateway implementation.
Corporate policy requires that an administrator restrict the number of users who can log on through each virtual server.
What could the administrator specify to meet the needs of this scenario?
A. Max Users in a session policy
B. Max Users on the virtual server
C. Max Connections on the virtual server
D. Allowed users to logon in the Access Gateway Global Settings
Answer: B
Q: 4
Scenario: Two NetScaler Gateway virtual servers are configured on a NetScaler appliance. Each NetScaler Gateway virtual server is used to enable secure remote access to dedicated XenDesktop sites for separate divisions:
Division A:
NetScaler Gateway: NG-A
XenDesktop Controller: DDC-A
Division B:
NetScaler Gateway: NG-B
XenDesktop Controller: DDC-B
Each XenDesktop site is placed in its own Active Directory. Firewalls prevent any communication between the divisions.
An administrator should configure the Secure Ticket Authority on the NetScaler for Division B, without causing any configuration issues for NG-A, by binding __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
A. DDC-B to NG-A
B. DDC-B to NG-B
C. DDC-B to NG-A and DDC-A
D. DDC-A and DDC-B to a load-balancing virtual server
Answer: B
Q: 5
Scenario: An administrator has configured several load balancing virtual servers on a NetScaler to accelerate the Web content. After an update on the Web content platform, all the servers need the client IP address to perform tracking operations.
Which two tasks should the administrator complete to pass the client IP address to all the load balancing virtual servers? (Choose two.)
A. Activate the Source-IP feature on the service.
B. Configure a rewrite policy, then bind it globally.
C. Activate the Client-IP Header insertion on the services.
D. Configure a responder policy, then bind it to all servers.
Answer: B,C
Q: 6
Scenario: A virtual server has been configured in the Content Switching node to provide multiple Web services using the full website path location. This website contains details that can only be displayed using a specific Web browser such as Internet Explorer.
Which two actions must an administrator perform to ensure that users are informed of the browser requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Configure Advanced Expression policies to determine the type of browser used.
B. Create a backup server to display a website that informs users of the browser requirements.
C. Configure a redirect URL to redirect users to a website that informs them of the browser requirements.
D. Configure a default policy to redirect users to a website that informs them of the browser requirements.
Answer: A,D
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